Saturday, January 23, 2010

Will Domino 7 corrupt my Notes 8.5.1 databases?

I was asked by Alberto whether he would have a problem installing Notes 8.5.1 client and then using it against Notes databases on his Domino 7.0.3 server. Is there the worrying possibility of database corruption, for example during replication?

See Alberto’s question and my short response both dated 23 January 2010 at the foot of my earlier blog post: Coexistence of Lotus Notes releases 7 and 8 on the same Windows 7 system (using the new Windows XP Mode)

Once you’ve read that, please add your comments and share your experiences about applications (databases) installed on Notes Clients and Domino Servers running on various combinations of Notes/Domino releases (release 8.x and prior).

Was my brief answer to Alberto correct and/or adequate?


  1. Hi Tony

    Two comments: Notes 8.5.1 Fix Pack 1 was released on Saturday (23/1/10), and it was previously announced that this would support running 32 bit Notes on 64 bit Windows 7. (The documentation still says that IBM 'is targetting support' for 64 bit Windows 7, but I assume that will shortly be changd from a future statement to 'IBM supports...'.)

    Secondly: Running Notes 8.5.x is safe against Domino 7 servers. A few new features aren't supported (such as instant Out of Office responses, ghosted calendar entries and a couple of other features), but it is an entirely supported environment to run with Notes 8.5 against a Domino 7 server. Running with a Notes 8.5 mail file design against a 7 server is supported during an upgrade. That's how IBM upgrades: thousands of people ran with Notes 8.x before servers were upgraded.

  2. I have one more question, is it possible to connect Domino 8.5 server through Domino 7.0 client?

  3. Hello Furqan! Yes, it's absolutely possible to connect to a later-level Lotus Domino server (such as 8.0 or 8.5 or 8.5.1) using an older-level Notes client (such as Lotus Notes 6.5, or 7). In fact, many organizations update all their servers first to a new release (such as 8.5.1) and make sure that the servers are all running properly. before they take the time to upgrade their Notes desktop clients to that release.

  4. Hi

    I have a question? Can I install Domino 7.0.3 on Windows 8 32-bit server? Also on 64-bit?


  5. Harikrishna, I suspect that you meant Windows 2008 server (not Windows 8 server), correct? I don't know the official IBM answer, but guess that 32-bit Domino 7.0.3 will work okay on it. Not so sure about 32-bit Domino 7.0.3 on 64-bit Windows 2008 server, but I reckon that will work okay too (I'm able to run 32-bit Domino 7.0.3 on my 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate desktop system, but happen to not be too concerened whether or not IBM officially supports that combination). You'll really should ask your local IBM representative for their official answer, sorry.

  6. Hi Tony,

    Thanks Tony, YES I meant Windows 2008(32-bit) server, sorry about the typo. I am going to check with my IBM support person and will update you.