Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is missing in Domino Designer? – Reminder to add your thoughts

Don’t forget to add your opinions about what is missing from Domino Designer (DDE) to the list started off by Jake Ochs’ CMTI blog, at

A couple that I just added are:

#1. Ability to read and write Image Resources directly (in @Formula language at least, LotusScript also would be good, perhaps Java too) -- see more details IdeaJam .........

#2. A pet hate of mine ...
The LotusScript debugger (and possibly also the Java debugger, I haven't checked) still has the extremely annoying and time-wasting behavior of always rolling the highlighted statement [the statement being executed] to the bottom of the display panel. You always have to SCROLL DOWNWARDS AGAIN AFTER EACH STATEMENT IS EXECUTED to get a view of the statements that are next in line for execution, which is VERY counterproductive. It would be far, far better if the highlighted statement were kept around about the middle of the panel, so that you can see what statements follow it and have a much better idea of where you are in the instruction stream. Fixing this would be a great time saver!

I restrained from mentioning the speeding up by a factor of 5 to 10 for certain actions that were more or less sub-second the the prior DDE and now are taking tens of seconds (opening the Designer, adding/removing databases to/from the design list, etc). I want to see these coming down from around 40 seconds (on my quite fast development system) at least to 10 seconds or under! I’m sure these are already under focus and hope for a BIG improvement in DDE 8.5.2 (has this been mentioned at Lotusphere 2010 by Maureen Leland or anybody else?)

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