Friday, March 22, 2019

Open Live Writer (2019)–Demo of issue when including images

It seems to have been caused by Google’s closing of Picasa, and the deprecation of certain image-handling APIs used by Open Live Writer (OLW).

It all depends where you’re getting the images from, see for example OLW Fix for Google Photo publishing

I don’t use Google Photo, or any other image sharing service, and I decided to carry out a simple test related to the way that I use images in OLW (that is, images that have been uploaded to my own website).

Image 1
URL entered into “From the Web” dropdown
(not resized)

Image 2
URL entered into “From the Web” dropdown
and then resized
…  OK

Image 3
URL entered into “From the Web” dropdown
(an animated GIF)

Image 4

Image pasted from website page  FAIL

Image 5
Image pasted into Open Live Writer directly from local file system …

ERROR DIALOG …… Can’t publish files

                               The remote server returned an error: (400)
                               Bad Request.

I can live with this, but there’s no doubt that the way OLW used