Friday, August 18, 2017

Optus Fetch TV set top box flagged by Bitdefender as having two HIGH-RISK vulnerabilities

Today I discovered the free Bitdefender Home Scanner security product, installed it and ran a security scan for my home network.

My impression is that everybody should use this very nice free security monitor from Bitdefender. You’d be silly/careless not to!

The scanner reported the device named "HyBroad Vision (Hong Kong) Technology Co Ltd" has two high-risk vulnerabilities:

  • Denial of Service (DoS) .... HIGH
  • Arbitrary code execution .... HIGH

See screenshots (1) and (2) below:




I was puzzled by the device reported as  “HyBroad Vision (Hong Kong) Technology Co Ltd” and wondered what it could be.

A quick Web search informed me that this network device in fact it is the Optus Fetch TV set top box -- which is installed with no special configuration settings -- all the Optus default. (For overseas readers of this blog, Optus is one the main telcos in Australia.)

Does anybody know how these two high-risk vulnerabilities can be eliminated for this device?

What Fetch TV STB configuration options are there to accomplish this?