Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lotus Notes documentation no-shows

I continue to come across Lotus Notes applications (databases) which have no “Help About” or “Help Using” documentation. To me, this is unforgivable, gross negligence almost!

I absolutely loathe the following error when I try to view Help About (or Help Using):


Some of you do the right thing, I know. But as for the rest of you, please spend a minute or two and and tell us in as little as a meaningful a sentence or two what your application is all about and how to use it. (If you have some other way of providing Help documentation, at least provide a link to this in these two design elements.)

I’m expecting too much, I suppose. Shouldn’t still be so idealistic, eh? … Consider the following recent observation, then:

Click the thumbnail to see a larger image.

Attribution: Geek & Poke – We All Had Our Dreams

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