Monday, August 13, 2018

Net Promoter Score (2018) for IBM compared with other top brands

This is for the IBMers out there, current employees and past (including old retirees like me) …

To quote:

NPS is a customer loyalty metric that measures customers’ willingness to not only return for another purchase or service but also make a recommendation to their family, friends or colleagues.

It is a powerful and effective technique, which can greatly increase a company’s revenue if used properly.

The main advantages of NPS are close correlation with a company’s growth and easy collection, interpretation and communication of the data.

Is IBM’s NPS of 27 considered to be good?

Yes, it is.

Net Promoter Score is a number from -100 from 100.

Scores higher than 0 are typically considered to be good and scores above 50 are considered to be excellent.

The industry average for Consumer Brands / Electronics is 45.

Mouse across the infographic on the above web page to see how IBM compares with other well-known brands.

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