Friday, July 06, 2018

WinExt Pro–a very nice utility for trimming, tracking and synchronizing drives on Windows systems

I’ve just installed and tested WinExt Pro and fond it to be a a well-designed, nice looking and functional software product. There’s a free version as well as the WinExt Pro paid version.

My first run was against one of the 250 GB SSD drives on my main desktop system, as shown in the first screenshot:


A fairly quick scan was followed by a somewhat slower analysis phase, and then the following nice-looking report was displayed:


As you can see, in the top section of the report only the potentially deletable files are checked, so you can regain wasted storage space by simply clicking on the trashcan icon, it’s as easy as that.

There are other useful functions available, such as monitoring activities against files like creating, deleting or modifying them, which are described on the WinExt Pro product page so why not go take a look?

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