Friday, March 19, 2010 is NOT full-text indexed

I went to Notes Widgets to hunt down a Lotus Notes sidebar gadget for Australian petrol price tracking.

I decided to search for “petrol” but unfortunately got back the unforgiveable error “The database is not full-text indexed.”

Therefore, would the owner/administrator of Notes Widgets mind taking a few seconds and indexing this database?

Additionally, there really should be a “Contact Us” capability for this site, which I would otherwise have used to raise this problem report.

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  1. Tony, you are correct. The widget catalog that points to is actually a referral to the catalog Gabriella of Turtle and I put together a while ago. I will let her know. There is no email address on the site since it is a Widget catalog database and is replicable through anonymous Notes connections. It runs the Widget Catlaog template which does not have that capability of course.