Monday, March 15, 2010

IBM Symphony Plug-ins site has an Achilles’ Heel

It seems that a weakness of the IBM Lotus Symphony plug-ins site is that not all of the plug-ins are hosted by IBM, and you can suffer trying to get a plug-in from a third-party site that’s offline.

It happened to a client of mine today, who was trying to access the “Notes on Symphony Plug-ins for IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1” link which did not respond. The client asked me to confirm that I also couldn’t access the site (which was the case), just in case the problem lay with his web connection and not the site itself.

To avoid such unavailability situations in future I would recommend that IBM require that all such Symphony plug-ins be uploaded and served out from an IBM host (as happens at and many, many other similar download hosting sites).

Anyway, here’s a “heads up” for Fabrizio Marchesano that your Frameweb site has been off the air during the last six or eight hours or more. (This was business hours down here in in Australia, but the early hours of Monday morning in Italy, so I’ll let you off lightly.) My client hopes that you get your site up again soon, so that he can install your interesting-looking Lotus Symphony plug-ins.

By the way, Fabrizio, I looked at some of your online slides and your webcasts, and found them in parts very amusing as well as informative (I understand enough Italian to to have gotten the gist of your webcasts). And I loved the music, having been a lover of classical music since my teenage days -- and Italy certainly has long been one of its most vital founts.


  1. Hello Tony,
    this is Fabrizio Marchesano from Italy, thanks for your signalling.
    The temporary unavailability of our server was due to a bad power outage in our urban area, now all is working fine.
    Anyway, I'm glad that my plug-in and slides are of interest for you and your customer, I am at your disposal (and for your customer as well) for any matter related to the subject.

    Fabrizio Marchesano