Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IBM’s LCTY 2010 didn’t come to Australia, or did it?

A stray thought just bubbled up to the surface: at times I wasn’t sure whether I was at the right event when I attended IBM’s Collective Intelligence 2010 event.

AFAIK everywhere else around the globe it was called Lotusphere Comes to You (LCTY), was it not?

Why change a name that’s so well-recognized all over the rest of the world? Collective intelligence, eh? Sounds a bit awry to me, like “committee consensus” and similar terms!

What there was, was goo, but it’s a pity that it was so very brief. I particularly missed any usefully-detailed sessions on application design and development, what with the goodies that have been released such as XPage support for the Lotus Notes client, Java UI front-end support, enhanced integration between Notes and Lotus Symphony 1.3, and other such features that will rejuvenate application development.

There was an afternoon of WebSphere Portal “deep dive” but it was announced right on the death-knock, too late for me (and probably others) to be able attend.

I wish that more/many of the actual Lotusphere sessions were available as webcasts, if local countries are going to insist on only having such brief LCTY events. … Dream on, dream on!

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