Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ugh! The ugliest creatures on the planet?

For the past few months I’ve been receiving the daily newsletter from the Chicago Tribune, reading with great interest the varied day-to-day news items.

Blobfish -- a  Microsoft Exchange user, perhaps?

I’ve decided to spend a few months comparing what’s been happing in and around Chicago with happenings in my home (Melbourne, capital of the state of Victoria, Australia) just to see and muse about similarities and differences between these two great cities.

I’ve been to Chicago several times, mostly in transit during some of my many trips to the IBM Development Lab in Rochester, Minnesota (birthplace of the System/3, System/36, System/38 and AS/400 range of IBM machines, with which I was heavily involved as an IBMer).

It’s quite fascinating to see common issues surfacing at city, state and federal level (aspects of crime, public service, politics, public transport, politics, and many more), as well as major differences in many ways. More about the similarities and differences in another post, perhaps.

Star-nosed mole -- much more handsome! ... Probably a Lotus Notes user?

But today I wanted to alert you to some eye-catching photos, like those above, that Chicago Tribune is currently featuring: Ugliest creatures on the planet –- catch these photos while they’re still online!

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