Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Attention: SIR, here’s another little Lotus Notes freebie for you!

Sir is a very simple Lotus Notes freeware mini-application for surfacing Notes database property values, such as Replica ID, that are frequently used by Notes developers and administrators.


SIR is predicated on the same design principle as my previous freeware contribution Simple Signer (available here or here). That is, SIR is deliberately designed to be “dead simple” to understand “dead easy” and use. (Worth striving for, no?)

Call it “single-minded” or “simplistic” if you like, you won’t ruffle my feathers, and I reckon that SIR will be  useful nevertheless. Sure, you can get this information from other places like the Infobox or Design Synopsis, but I was seeking a somewhat different interface.

Here’s what SIR looks like once you’ve selected a database and then clicked the long pink “Extract and display” button:


Nothing too sophisticated, nothing too complicated. You display the information and then can copy-and-paste it into your LotusScript or other code or use it in Domino Administrator, or whatever else you need to do with such database property values.

If you want to, you can optionally save the information in a series of time-stamped documents for subsequent reference and retrieval:


SIR Version 1.0 can be downloaded from here or here 

And note that its design is not hidden/ You’re welcome to add extra code to retrieve additional database properties that you need.  (Only basic LotusScript skills are required for this.)

Once again, it’s FREE, so enjoy! Oh yes, I should add that SIR was cobbled together in a few hours this afternoon, so please be kind and regard it as a beta for the moment. Be sure to send  me prompt feedback about any bugs or usability issues – and let me know whether you think it was worth the effort!

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