Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NotesTracker Version 5.0 -- released on 4/4/2007

Just in case you missed the release of NotesTracker Version 5.0 on 4/4/2007, you can find the announcement at our NotesTracker news and tips blog

There you'll also find links for the follow-on updates to SDMS and CAPTURE both of which which have been upgraded to NotesTracker V5.0 level).

If you're unfamiliar with NotesTracker, now's the time to try it out. ... And to download the NotesTracker Guide for a full description of all the new V5.0 features such as the tracking of "special documents" in a database, and e-mail alerting whenever actions occur in a database (document Create, Read, Update,Deletion, Paste, Mail-in, etc).

(Click to view a larger image)
Example of an e-mail alert sent when a "special" document was accessed (in this case, an update)

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