Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another weird LotusScript compiler problem

I had barely told you about a LotusScript compiler error that I had a few days ago (see The curious case of the "Name previously declared" LotusScript error) when I was subjected to another wasted hour or so earlier today due to a similar quirk.

This time when I opened certain databases I got the message "Duplicate PUBLIC name ACTIONTYPE in USE module" (see image).

Why was it happening in some databases, yet not in others with identical design?

An hour or so searching for duplicate definitions (for a field named 'Action Type') led nowhere,. Anyhow, (a) There was no duplicate field definition in the database, and (b) Exactly the same LotusScript code was working in other databases without generating this error message!

I tried deleting the script library and copying it back in again, with no joy. Eventually, I just deleted the entire database and recreated an empty one with the very same design, then copied the documents back in. No more error message: who knows why?

It would be a rather good idea for IBM to fix such quirky LotusScript compiler behavior instead of just charging ahead with new stuff all the time.


  1. Normally, Tools --> Recompile All LotusScript, will fix this problem.

  2. Hello Torben,

    Naturally "Recompile All LotusScript" was one of the very first things that I tried, but it made no difference whatever.