Thursday, August 24, 2006

Testing Installation -- and Uninstallation?

Over at Dr Dobb's Portal, Michael Hunter has just drawn up a disturbingly long list of things you may need to test before deploying your application:

You Are Not Done Yet: Setup - You are not done testing yet unless you have tested your program's setup process. Some conditions are specific to Microsoft Windows, but other operating systems generally have similar considerations.
On the flip side of the matter, it's a pity that he didn't draw up a (presumably similar) list of things that you must test to ensure your application can be cleanly and thoroughly uninstalled.

I'll bet that you're all well aware of the mess your system gets into after you've tried installing and uninstalling various software packages. Windows registry left in an inconsistent state, uninstaller program has "gone missing" (or was never there in the first place), or the uninstaller has bugs. You know what I mean!

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