Tuesday, August 01, 2006

DB2 gets some bite!

I recall attending a conference in the very early 1980s where there was vigorous debate, even doubt, about whether relational databases would ever be able to perform well enough to replace the incumbent hierarchichal and network databases favorites.

Relational databases certainly have come a very long way since then! Now IBM has released it's database "Viper", officially called DB2 9 ( click here to compare all DB2 9 editions ) and it looks to be a real beauty!

Here's a nice, compact overview of DB2 9 at DB2 Magazine:

The Rubber Meets the Road ... How will DB2 Viper's hybrid XML-relational data server work in the real world? Customers and partners are kicking the tires, revving the engine, and testing performance and handling. Here's what to look for when you take it out for a spin.
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