Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What's in a name?

There must be a quadzillion blogs out there by now, and even in the Lotus Notes/Domino world (which I track fairly closely) the number of blogs is growing rapidly. Not to mention the podcasting craze, and the many other distractions and diversions ... So you have to be extremely selective and careful about where you spend your time.

I look out for sites and blogs that are a bit "different" with probing, in-depth discussions of theory and principle plus well thought out tips, techniques and working examples.

Here are two such blogs that I'd recommend to you:

The first such blog for today is IdoNotes (and sleep) by Chris Miller. He does Notes, he says, and in St Charles, Missouri ... and he has a Google Maps link to prove it. Lotusphere presentations and all sorts of other goodies, find there you will.

The second blog is that of Chris Doig and it too has some thought-provoking topics, such as:

Good on you Chris and Chris!

Incidentally, the last item about database version numbers reminds me to point out a highly relevant IBM developerWorks article: Create your own Lotus Notes template storage database with revision history - Keep track of your Lotus Notes/Domino database templates with the handy Template Warehouse. This article describes how to create the Template Warehouse, and includes a complete working example you can use at your own site.

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