Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lotus Notes Nostalgia #1

Here's a little bit of Lotus Notes nostalgia that really shows the distinctive capabilities and strengths of Lotus Notes even back in its early days. The current Notes/Domino certainly were built on a very solid foundation.

It's a demo titled Discover Lotus Notes - "The Fastest Way to a Responsive Organization" and it was originally distributed by Lotus on diskette, way back in Release 3 times in 1993 or 1994, when the server component was still called the "Lotus Notes Server" (later rebranded as the "Lotus Domino Server" at Release 4.5).

Download the demo file (less than 0.9 MB) from here or from here.

Next, unzip the file contents to a folder and copy the files onto a diskette. Then open a DOS command window, then run INSTALL.COM from the diskette drive to launch the demo.

All I can say is that it should work. But to be honest I haven't tried it for a year or two when I came across it lurking in my archives. If it does work: Enjoy!

Don't ask me why, but it won't run other than from a diskette. It expects the INSTALL.COM to be on the A: or B: drive. If you find any other way of running the demo, please let me know. Maybe there's a way of "tricking" Windows to run the demo directly from your hard drive, via the SUBST command or similar, but I've long forgotten all that DOS stuff!

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