Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Now You See It, Now You Don't

In an earlier post Note Item Not Found, under the heading Inconsistent Behavior I vented my frustration about the quite bizarre way in Domino Designer that the property box (a.k.a. Infobox) opens automatically for some types of design elements but not for others.

I listed every type of design element for which this happens, up to and including the Domino Designer for ND7 Beta 3 (which was the latest release at that time), as follows:

  • The Infobox remains closed (as it quit eproperly should) when you edit a Frameset, Page, Form, Outline, Subform, Script Library, Navigator, Database Icon, Help About and Help Using documents, Database Script.

  • The Infobox inappropriately opens when you edit a View or Folder, Agent, Web Service, Shared Field, Shared Column, Shared Action, Image (maybe), File Resource (maybe), Applet (maybe), Style Sheet (maybe), and Data Connection (maybe). Here, the "maybes" mean that it may be appropriate for the box to open when you click on the item, since there is not underlying form to open for each of these.
By an indirect route -- via one blog pointing to another that pointed to yet another -- I was greatly relieved to find that there is a solution, and it's quite a simple one.

You just add to your NOTES.INI file the following statement:

And it works well. Relief at last! This should be the default setting, don't you agree?

Of course the question still remains, why do the Domino Designer planners/developers allow the Infobox open inconsistently. Another case of design by committee, I guess, or is it just lack of attention to fine detail?

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