Thursday, June 21, 2012

Simple Signer version 1.2 for IBM Lotus Notes released (freeware)

Simple Signer version 1.2 is now available for download.

It’s your simplest and easiest way to “sign” Lotus Notes database applications, that is, to stamp tall the design elements that make up each application: forms, view, XPages, agents, etc. When signed with your own organization’s Lotus Notes signature the applications are properly prepared/authorized to run in your organization’s IBM Lotus Notes/Domino production environment.

Signing is usually required when you obtain a Notes application from an external source, or before your own in-house-developed applications are moved from the development stage into productions.

Simple Signer was developed to make application signing easy for anybody to carry out.

You can download Simple Signer version 1.2 right now from (Australia) or (USA) web servers.

UPDATE: Please download a refreshed copy of Simple Signer v1.2 that was uploaded on 23rd June, without local encryption (which was causing the error "This database has local access protection"). Apologies for the slip up.

The self-extractor requires a PASSWORD … NotesTracker (what else would you expect from me?)

Apart from a few minor changes, the main enhancement is the ability to keep an audit trail of the various database signing events, for example:


As usual with applications provided by Asia/Pacific Computer Services, it is fully documented -- via the built-in Help About This Application and Help Using This Application menu items.

Simple Signer’s design is unhidden (“open source” more or less, you might call it) so you can tweak it to work exactly how you like.



  1. Anyone else getting local Encryption error

    1. Hmmm... This hasn't occurred with any previous versions of Simple Signer. I'm keen to help sort it out.

      Try signing the Simple Signer database itself with your Notes ID (or your organizational one). If that doesn't help, try making a local database copy without copying the ACL.

      Let me know what you find. For further assistance, send an e-mail to the address listed near the top of the home page (of either of the websites). Or call me, or Skype me.

  2. UPDATE:
    On 23rd June I uploaded a new copy of the Simple Signer v1.2, this time without the local encryption (the default setting that I inadvertently left active).

    Sorry, everyone. Please take a new download.

  3. Tony , I can see where this db can come in handy if a person has multiple Signer id to use for various db. I have on the other hand a db that is very simple in use that has one agent that is signed by server and 2 views , one that is list of DB that have been signed and other waiting to be signed. ADMIN is the only one that can add DB to be signed but for designers that need to sign db after they change somethink , only need to find it in the view that has been signed and press Sign it.

    this way developer does not have to ask the admin to sign it , If you like i can sent you the agent , just let me know palmi AT