Thursday, January 13, 2011

Planet Lotus–a gripe pops up from me again


I whinged and whined about this a couple of years ago, and here I am again older and even more of a pain in the proverbial ranting on about it again … An extra-squeaky wheel I am, I am.


I thought that it used to only my posts that suffered from this back then, but doing a random mouse-over of various entries in today’s Planet Lotus find that quite a few other people have submitted posts that yield this too.

Can’t we get rid of all that annoying HTML junk in the “tool tips” (or “pop-ups” or whatever you want to call them)?

“We aim for perfection” do we not?


  1. Have you contacted Yancy directly to make your suggestion? PL is only a community site in the sense that it aggregates information from / about a community; it is hosted and designed by a single individual. Perhaps you could email the guy and suggest improvements instead of asking all of us to join in on criticizing the site. Just a thought...

  2. It is possible it is your RSS feed at fault? I just went through moving my blog and changing numerous references and posts are cleaner now. Not perfect, especially if I have a graphic or logo as the first item, but in general it is readable now.
    So try your side first before asking Yancy.

  3. Yeah, true, maybe I should have done more research, rather than just shooting from the hip, but don't think I could do anything from my side to remedy the situation [that I didn't do when I first raised this a couple of years ago].

    My intent was to raise this issue again not to get a wave of community criticism but feedback from any others who also find their feeds being incorrectly parsed like this.

    My blogs are all at Google's and I use their regular feed support. Google use their acquisition Feedburner for feeds into and I can't see any parameters for changing the way that Feedburner structures the feeds that it generates (some version or other of Atom, I think).

    The feed for this blog of mine is at feed:// and I don't think I can do anything to change how it works.

    I'm not sure if I can do anything at all about the way this feed works.