Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lotus Notes needs extended thumbnail capability

Concerning thumbnails in Lotus Notes, several months ago I was investigating for a client what ways there are to show thumbnails of photographs taken while inspecting building construction sites and stored in Notes documents of a particular database.

We should all know that there already is a form of thumbnail support available …


This works extremely well for a single image (as in a business card), merely by selecting the option shown above. No coding required whatsoever, excellent.

Alas this doesn’t work at all for multiple images, such as my client’s database holds:


The trouble is,obviously, that you can’t tell from the above Rich Text field contents (the attachment name as generated by your digital camera, or the generic attachment icon) what each photo’s subject is.

Support for multiple thumbnails per Rich Text field would be the perfect no-coding-required  solution for my client, and I’m sure in many other such cases.

My client’s staff would then merely click on one of the many thumbnails to see that particular photo taken at a building construction site as a pop-up (rather than having to open the photo in an external image viewer program).

I hope that IBM will extend the thumbnail support to multiple attached images, and as soon as possible. Agree?


  1. I have a Notes application that stores images in separate child documents, where they are checked (on the server) for dimensions, and with some pass through HTML, displayed as thumbnails on the main page. Drawback is that it can take time to load multiple images from the web server. I've wanted to get some thumbnail-creating code in place for some time, but haven't come to that yet. You're welcome to take a look at it if you like.

    On a side note: It's really annoying to have to sign in to something, just to leave comment, which is why I usujally don't. Unless you have a very good reason, you should really consider opening up comments to anonymous users.

  2. Good point about the anonymous commenting, which I jave now enabled for this blog (and several other of my blogs on blogger.com. some of which also required registration). I recall changing the "registration required" in order to discourage spammers.

    To further discuss thumbnails in Lotus Notes, how do I contact you? Or would you contact me (my Skype ID is notestracker, or other contact info at top of home page http://notestracker.com/ )?