Friday, August 13, 2010

Embarcadero Developer Survey July 2010 – and for the Lotus Notes developer community?

I just stumbled upon a recent report from Embarcadero Technologies (July 2010), which is interesting enough in its own right:

Developer Survey Report - Embarcadero Technologies July 2010

The web-based survey was conducted during June/July 2010 with responses from “a wide array of application developers” worldwide.

The largest group of respondents identified themselves as software application developers with 89.6% of the responses, it says:


Naturally enough it talks mainly about Embarcadero’s constituency, and in particular looks into development on Windows 7 and there some interesting results for this (go read the full report for yourself).

Here’s one chart that caught my attention:


This set me wondering -- if ever IBM were to conduct such a survey with the Lotus Notes/Domino development community -- what sort of statistics and charts would arise.

What do you think?

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