Monday, April 19, 2010

Wikipedia’s out-of-place icon

Something strange has happened in the last week or so to the positioning of the Wikipedia icon on my system, whenever a Wikipedia page is viewed using Internet Explorer (IE) or Avant Browser which is a front end to IE that I use all the time instead of IE’s inefficient layout and features.

It’s only happening on my primary desktop system, a Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) installation, and not on any of my secondary systems.

  1. Here’s how Wikipedia is appearing under IE8 – Figure (1):
  2. And under Avant Browser – Figure (2):
  3. Now under Orca Browser, which is developed by the same person as Avant Browser (and has almost the same features) but is based on the Mozilla Firefox rendering engine – Figure (3):image 
  4. And for something quite different, this time under Google’s Chrome browser – Figure (4):image
  5. Then there’s Enigma Browser, which I use specifically for Internet Banking because it handles pop-up windows best of all – Figure(5):
  6. Finally, here’s Maxthon2 Browser – Figure(6):

I don’t have Opera Browser installed at the moment, else I would have tried that too, but the above should be representative enough of whatever’s happening: mishandling of HTML elements, or goodness knows what.

As I mentioned earlier, this weird behavior only started occurring a week or so ago. I’ve been installing and uninstalling software of all sorts, as I usually do, and running Windows Updates as they become available.

It’s not serious, only puzzling, and I hope it goes away soon (black magic, and all that). Any ideas or suggestions, folks?

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