Saturday, April 17, 2010

Notes 8.5.1 requested Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way – Any ideas? - UPDATED

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I wanted to briefly check something in Lotus Notes, then go off and do other weekend activities.

But immediately after entering my Notes password, I got the following error: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" – just what I needed to enjoy my weekend!


I have Notes 8.5.1 Standard client installed, and it has been running fine for months, including a month or so under Notes 8.5.1 Fix Pack 1. Thinking it might be fixed by upgrading, I installed 8.5.1 Fix Pack 2 but got the same error.

Notes Diagnostics (NSD) didn’t seem to help. I trawled through all the online IBM and non-IBM support knowledgebases and forums that I could find, but didn’t find anything relevant.

Just in case it was a Windows error, I ran Registry Mechanic v9 and let it make some registry corrections, but to no avail as far as this Notes error is concerned.

I’m not sure what to try next, so YOU are my support team! Have any of you come across, and resolved, this error with Notes 8? Do I shave to waste time and effort reinstalling Notes 8.5.1 and the two 8.5.1 fix packs? (And, for that matter, why does the Notes 8 install have to take so darn long, ten minutes or more instead of a couple of minutes? Pity that it’s not a simple unzip-and-run like Eclipse.)

Well, it’s already Saturday evening here in the south-east corner of Australia., and I’m giving up on this until tomorrow at the earliest. (There are some good British TV shows on tonight that should let me slip my brain into neutral and take my mind off such stupid, unwanted software glitches!)

Purely by chance, I worked out that the problem was caused by an extension manager add-in for Skytus (which is a free interface between Lotus Notes and Skype).

I had Skytus version 1.1.15 quite happily working with no errors, but for some reason the new version 0.20.0 with it’s MSI installer caused the major disruptions described above, and I’ve sent the details to developer Dmytro Pastovenskyi for resolution.

If you get this horrendous Notes startup  error, you can bypass it by commenting out with a leading semi-colon or deleting the following NOTES.INI line (shown with the semi-colon):

; ExtMgr_AddIns=SkytusExt.dll

This leads me to think that others reporting the same runtime error message with Lotus Notes might also do well to suspect any such add-ins for a similar cause.


  1. try deleting the workspace folder. Make a copy of it, and then delete it.

    I've had lots of issues where notes failed to start properly, and deleting that folder always appears to fix it.

    Not seen this error though, my failed to start are things like a notes shell with a blue screen.

  2. Thanks for the idea, Carl, but unfortunately it made no difference: same error, so I still can't use Notes yet.

    As an aside, making the folder copy "just in case" is essential as you imply, but rather than deleting it I usually RENAME the folder (usually with the date, such as 'workspace_2010_0417_0927'). That serves the same purpose as copying, and makes resetting to the original state a little easier.

    Anyway, that didn't work so I wonder what to try next. I didn't mention that I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, because I suspect the Windows version is not relevant, however it might be some other software that has clobbered the Windows Runtime DLLs or some such thing. It's all too obscure for my liking, and unstable like a house of cards.

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