Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shame! Webshots.com still doesn’t support Windows 7 (updated)

I’ve been using webshots.com to download glorious Windows wallpaper background images for years.

Well, I had been, but as stated still as of today (10 November 2009, several weeks after the general release of Windows 7) on the Webshots FAQs page:

What platforms are supported for the Webshots Desktop?
The Webshots Desktop is supported for Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Well, that’s not good enough, not by a long shot!

I’ve paid my Premium membership dues over a number of years, in order to be able to download Windows desktop wallpapers in high resolution, and now you’re telling me that I can’t view them under the latest, brightest and whitest Windows version?

But now that I’ve upgraded to Windows 7, several months ago, all of my download time and effort not to mention the monies spent have gone to waste.

In my opinion, it’s rather pathetic and shameful that a large organization like AG Interactive, Inc. (the corporation behind Webshots) did not ensure that it had upgraded its desktop software and had it ready for release on the same day that Windows 7 was launched (22 October). What’s your lame excuse, AG Interactive?

I mean, really now… Windows 7 was in beta testing for a very long time.

Does anybody have insights on all this?

UPDATE [16 November 2009]:
I found out how to migrate all my 16,000 or so Webshots images into the appropriate form and location in Windows 7. They're now cycling every minute, to inspire me and lift my spirits!

I used a free migration tool, so all it took was some time and a bit of sweat. If anybody's interested, I'll outline out how to go about it (but not unless asked) ...

UPDATE #2 [19 December 2009]:
I checked the Webshots web site again today, to see if they had updated their statement of which Windows platforms are supported and it still only mentions Windows 2000, XP and Vista

Despite the fact that they don’t state their official support for Windows 7, I decided anyway to download and install the latest version of Webshots Desktop. The good news is that it seems to work fine under 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.

My main reason for doing this is because, over the years, I’ve downloaded so many high-resolution images -- nearly 16,000 of them -- that I needed the picture title to be displayed else I have no hope of knowing what some of the images are.


  1. I'm interested. I just upgraded to Win 7 and I miss my Webshots pictures. Any info you have is appreciated.


  2. Howdy Glenn,

    I've now documented the procedure, see http://notestoneunturned.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-to-view-webshots-images-under.html
    Cheers, Tony.

  3. Yo Tony,

    Many Thanks! A very thorough explanation. I've now got my weekend project. Thanks for the time and step-by-step instructions.


  4. Tony,

    This worked perfectly - thanks!! Your directions were so thorough that it was accomplished on the first pass.


  5. Glad to help! BTW, which of various Glenns are you, Glenn?

    If you care to answer, use the e-mail address at op of notestracker.com or asiapac.com.au home page: i n f o [at] a s i a p a c [dot] c o m [dot] a u

  6. Does it support Windows 7 Pro 32 bit? I also have THOUSANDS of photos

  7. Hello,
    I installed an old install programm from Webshots (july 2007) in Windows 7 Premium 32 bit.
    Now also my old collections is shown normaly in Windows 7 !

  8. I have win 7 64 bit ... I have all my photos and can access them in the old webshot desktop photo manager ... but it won't cycle all my photo ... just the ones that came with the photo manager ... how can I get it to show all my photos ... anyone still out there?

  9. I haven't used Webshots desktop manager for some years now, but seem to recall adding my own images.

    I can't recall exactly how I achieved this, but if you are a Skype user feel free to contact me (user ID is same as my nickname in this blog), and perhaps using Skype screen sharing I will be able to talk you through the procedure.

  10. Also, I would point you to my other post about Webshots at http://notestoneunturned.blogspot.com.au/2009/12/how-to-view-webshots-images-under.html which shows some of the elements of the Webshots image manager pro

  11. I'm afraid I don't have Sype ... and the photo manager I have is different than the one shown at your blog ... I suppose I will have to first down load the manager you have from the webshot site then see if I can get it to work ... I can see all my photos it's just that it won't cycle all of them ... just the ones that came with the manager. If I want to see scene other than the ones that came with the program I have to manually set the wallpaper.

  12. Not sure why you said "I don't have" it because Skype is free (and is now owned by Microsoft), so any Windows user can install Skype for free.

    Anyway -- going from memory only, since I don't use Webshots any more -- the photo manager is a part of the Webshots download and not a separate program needing to be downloaded.

    You just have to understand how to use it to add your own additional images to its directory and file architecture, which is what I covered in the blog, and I don't know any more than that. So please experiment and work it out yourself (like I had to)!

  13. Found this while searching, I have old webshots on my windows 7 home and all works fine, but with my windows 7 professional, cannot get it to work, have multiple times changed screen resolution etc, but still end up black bars on sides. Its same screen size as my windows home, I am sure its a configuration issue, do you have any suggestions, I do love my webshots. I have tried but it won't take those black bars out, even though set to full screen/fit screen. Also on windows 7 home it shows up in windows themes ( says webshots current theme) but will not show up in windows themes at all in windows professional. any help thanks.

  14. Sorry, Mr/Mrs?Ms Unknown, I haven't used Webshots for five years or more, and all I can do is guess that the images you have in your collections are (probably) in a width-to-height ratio of (say) 4:3 while your (new?) monitor is in a widescreen ratio that causes the black bars at the side. I cannot remember the Webshots configuration options, but isn't there a "stretch" or "fill" option that will make the black bars go away (but in so doing will will, respectively, distort or crop the viewed images)?