Monday, November 16, 2009

Rearrange items in Domino Designer 8.5 working set?

Calling all Lotus Notes/Domino developers. Vote for this ideajam suggestion of mine requesting the ability to drag’n’drop items in the Domino Designer 8.5 applications list, as indicated by the green arrow:

Drag'n'drop to shift items in Domino Designer 8.5 working set

You could rearrange apps by doing this in the old Domino Designer, and frankly I find it a big pain not to be able to do the same in the new Designer.

The new working set feature is fantastic, the inability to rearrange apps by dragging them around definitely is not!

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Just to make my point crystal clear, here's an explanatory video...


  1. You can sort the list by date to always get the latest item at top

  2. @Thomas,
    Yeah, I know you can do that (sort by Date or by Title, File Name or Server), however that's not what I want to be able to do. I get lots of databases from external sources where I don't have any control over the title, filename or server name, so that the Design list finishes up in a mess and the only way to make much sense of it is to drag the list items around.

    Not sure what you meant by "multi select to move/delete" ... I have looked everywhere to try to be able to do this, but may have missed something. Is there some way in the list to select multiples (say, by holding down the Ctrl key)? I couldn't find such a method.

    However, my Windows 7 system right at this very moment is doing "strange things" such as copy/paste the WIndows clipboard isn't behaving properly, so perhaps this is also temporarily interfering with DOmino Designer? I suspect that I'll have to follow Microsoft's standard "cure all" remedy of attempting to fix things by rebooting!

  3. Yes, I meant it would be nice if you could select multiple databases (hold CTRL while selecting) and perform a delete or move operation on all selected with just one confirmation prompt.

  4. On the topic Working Sets you might want to have a look at

  5. @Jezzper, I've examined your article about inadequate features for managing working sets, support your ideas, and definitely recommend it that everybody who uses Domino Designer 8.5 (and later) go read it... Again, that is:

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