Saturday, July 26, 2008

New TechWords Technology Crossword at iTWire

Do you like playing with words and spoken languages? I do, and even have a resources links page on my web site here (or mirror image backup site here).

Last year, I started blogging for Australian technology site iTWire -- see my list of articles at A Meaningful Look at Desktop & Enterprise Computing.

My latest contribution, possibly a world-first (but probably not, even if close to it) is TechWords Interactive Technology Crossword - No. 001 which looks like this:

(Click to view a larger image)
What's a bit different about these crosswords is that their subject matter is largely technology (mostly IT-related subjects). And instead of having to print them to be solved offline, you can interact with the crossword, with the ability to request letter hints and word hints as well as being able to check your entries.

This is the first of a planned series of crosswords. Future editions, at least some of them, will be based around themes such a "Linux" or "Lotus Notes" or "Microsoft" and the like.

As an aside, I now have a very healthy respect for the makers of crosswords! It's much harder to devise meaningful clues than you would think. The cross-matching and interlinking of clues is a very painful process. I wouldn't have even attempted it without purchasing Crossword Forge from Sol Robots (thanks, Cortis Clark).

Why not skip over there right now and try your hand at iTWire TechWords Number 001?

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