Friday, March 30, 2007

IE7 vs. Firefox browser share at (end of March 2007)

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Part of a continuing series -- refer to this previous post, for example -- here's the latest browser share chart on 30 March 2007.

There's something of a resurgence for Firefox (over 30 percent share for once), while IE7's growth seems to have slowed over the last month.

I'm rather surprised that Internet Explorer 6 still holds around a 40 percent share. I would have expected more users to have accepted the Windows XP automatic update path and have had their systems upgraded to IE7 by now. Any comments?

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  1. Not everyone does auto-update on XP. Also, Windows 2000 and 98 still have quite a presence, and they won't auto-update to IE7. And again, I don't think IE7 even works on Mac or Linux. (But IE6 is quite usable for broken sites on Linux using Crossover Office.)