Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A presentation on Architecture and Design

I just came across a nice presentation ... Architecture and Design by John Klein, guest lecture for COMP 180: Software Engineering, at Tufts University, Fall 2006.

It's only 24 pages, and well worth a look. A couple of cautionary quotations from it that tickled my fancy:
  • "Software architecture is the set of decisions which, if made incorrectly, may cause your project to be cancelled.” – Eoin Woods

  • (Under the heading "Reality Check") ... Conway’s Law – The structure of the system reflects the structure of the organization that builds it - “…[an] organization had eight people who were to produce a COBOL and an ALGOL compiler…five people were assigned to the COBOL job and three to the ALGOL job. The resulting COBOL compiler ran in five phases, the ALGOL compile ran in three.”

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