Monday, November 06, 2006

STWebContact -- a nice alternative to Sametime Links

Andrei Kouvchinnikov
-- a Lotus Sametime and Java enthusiast and now a Web buddy of mine, or "mate" as we prefer to say here Down Under -- a few days ago gave me the opportunity to test his new baby "Wimbo" or STWebContact to use its official product name. Andrei writes:
STWebContact is a web application for Sametime text messaging and presence awareness. It can be used from web browsers which support AJAX, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.

STWebContact has functionality similar to Sametime Links (STLinks). In difference to STLinks, this web client does not require Java or additional ActiveX components installed on the user's computer.

So if you've got Sametime installed and would like people to access its functions via the Web you owe it to yourself to consider STWebContact.

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