Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's Wattle time Down Under - 2006

The days have started gradually getting longer here Down Under in Australia (although due to seasonal lag the coolest time of our winter is yet to come).

As is evident from the top two images, in July there's permanent nighttime way down in Antarctica and permanent daytime way up north in Arctic climes (with many more people up there to enjoy the long days than there ever are in Antarctica).

Click on the images to open an enlargement in a new window.

To my delight, the wattle trees have started blooming. I'd like to share with you this image -- snapped just after noon today in bright wintery sunshine -- of one of the first of the wattle trees in the nearby park to display its gorgeous, uplifting riot of green and gold.

It won't be long before the whole of Wattle Park is bathed in gold!

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