Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Notes Presenter -- Let's eat our own dog food

Hear ye, hear ye, enthusiastic users of IBM Lotus Notes who prepare presentations and demonstrations or who package groups of files together with documentation for any purposes ... I'm throwing down the gauntlet, spicing the pie, putting the cat among the pigeons, and maybe even letting loose the bull in the china shop!

Here's my message to all of you Lotus Notes afficionados:

Eat your own dog food

Microsoft PowerPoint or Lotus Freelance (if anybody still uses it) or the newcomer OpenOffice Impress are all excellent in their own way as specialized presentation tools. But they have only the one basic function [to prepare slides] and they fall short whenever you need to assemble multiple resources for your presentations, demonstrations and software packages.

No excuses: now there's a complementary tool you should begin using to prepare a different sort of slide presentation as well as providing a repository for all those other resources (files of all types) that are associated with your presentation or demonstration, and operating in the way classic Lotus Notes does at its inimitable best.

Just released, as freeware, is the initial Beta Version 1.0 of "Presenter for IBM Lotus Notes" -- or "Notes Presenter" for short.

DO IT NOW! Please try it out and send me some feedback, bug reports, whatever.

Notes Presenter was designed particularly with those who prepare and deliver presentations and demonstrations in mind. You can find out about Presenter and get your free copy from either

I hereby set a friendly challenge to those in the Lotus Notes user community who prepare presentations and demonstrations ...

Whenever possible, use Notes Presenter to make Lotus Notes itself the presentation and distribution medium. The challenge is put out in particular to IBM employees (especially the Lotus Software group) plus IBM business partners and ISVs (Notes/Domino application developers) who champion Lotus Notes!

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