Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Magnetic Tape is alive and kicking

CNET News reports that IBM and Fuji Photo have come up with an improved magnetic tape technology mix, see Magnetic tape prototype makes data leap and the enlarged image at Tape's storage leap and here's an IBM news release about it.

Okay, so magnetic tape isn't dead -- but perhaps the floppy disk (a.k.a. diskette) has one foot or even both feet in the grave! For those of you who weren't in the industry in the 1970s, the first diskettes were 8 inches in diameter and they were really floppy indeed, unlike the later, smaller diskettes enclosed in rigid plastic shells. You'll find an image of an 8-inch floppy amongst those at Dinosaur Sightings 3 (and if you liked those images of times past, there's also Dinosaur Sightings 2 )

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  1. "8 million books"... I hate it when they do that!!! They don't even say how many GB (or TB) the thing will hold. Useless tech reporters! Harrumph.