Thursday, December 06, 2018

Contrary messages about the benefits of versus harm done by antioxidants?

Medical news items can claim one thing while the latest research from a given source can be pointing to a different, and perhaps the opposite, conclusion.

For example the following (May 2018) seems to be saying that antioxidants are good for you:
       How can antioxidants benefit our health?

However you don't get the same impression from this article (November 2018):
      Melanoma - More evidence that antioxidants speed up tumor spread

  • "... after investigating certain antioxidants that bind to mitochondria, the team has produced further evidence that the substances either do not affect tumor growth or speed it up "
  • "... further research into the mechanisms through which antioxidants influence tumor growth and spread is required."
  • "… we know that once you have cancer, even if it has not been diagnosed, antioxidants can contribute to increased tumor growth."
So the jury certainly is out on this

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