Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Australian Cancer Atlas, and an online melanoma risk predictor

"According to Melanoma Institute Australia, one Australian dies from a melanoma every five hours, with an estimated 14,000 diagnosed each year."

It would be a similar per capita rate in most other countries (Australia’s population is 25 million, in round figures.)

After having a melanoma excised from my scalp early in 2013, I’ve become hypervigilant about skin cancer and read extensively about melanoma research and other news. I like passing important info on to others …

I came across the following story which is good news for ladies who enjoy the sun:

So for the first one instead look at the Australian Cancer Atlas
so put in your suburb's name or postcode and find out your exposure.

Also, I recommend that you try the following one online test:

It’s supposedly for people 40 or over, but might be worthwhile for younger folk too.

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