Monday, September 04, 2017

A shocking example (of lightning during a dry thunderstorm)


Dry thunderstorm lightning causes the majority of forest fires.

It seems this video was from a fixed camera, as a human operator may not have survived this strike. Watch (at 7 seconds, of 56) how the lightning first strikes the river bank, then into the river and downstream with much turbulence.

Glad I wasn't swimming or fishing or boating there!

(Sorry, I’m not clear about the attribution of this video.)


  1. afraid it wasnt. was underwater explosives if I recall. Did the rounds a while ago.

  2. This was passed on to me, and as I said I don't know its attribution> So it could well be a fake, just goes to show how easy it is to be taken in on the great World Wide Web of mixed facts, lies, delusions and misdirections. ... But it still looks good, all the same!