Monday, October 06, 2014

I’m living by IBM time, again

I was recently impelled to do something strange. Stranger than my usual “strange” (which is quite strange indeed).

I was led via an Australian LinkedIn ex-IBMers’ group called “Famous in the 70s” to watch the YouTube video On Guard! The Story of SAGE (IBM SAGE Computer, 1956)

All this 1950s technology history is quite fascinating in and of itself – keeping in mind, for example, that my three young grandsons each have an iPad, with a combined processing power probably greater than all the computing equipment shown in that YouTube video.

The strange thing that happened was that I was struck by an image that flashed past. It was an old IBM wall clock, no longer in production of course (remember that IBM was once in the business of managing work time).

I just had to have such a clock, but with no access to one I decided to construct my own facsimile (and it all cost about $3.00 Australian). Here it is:


I decided to use the solid black IBM logo, after working out that AFAIK the famous IBM 80bar logo wasn’t ever used on clocks.

So now I’m living by IBM time again (after retiring 19 years ago).

Whatever does that indicate about my mental state? Have pity, and say a prayer for me!

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