Thursday, August 07, 2014

Moving and docking Eclipse-style views in IBM Domino Designer (video)

An old 2010 post of mine about Open In New Window (for IBM Notes data views) just received a comment (by Scott) asking whether in IBM Domino Designer this capability for Notes data views was also available for design elements.

Well it is possible, pretty much, by taking advantage of the underlying Eclipse Workbench ability to move and dock "views” (here used in the Eclipse sense).

Open Help for Domino Designer and navigate to:
>>> Workbench User Guide
>>>>>> Tasks
>>>>>>>>> Working with views and editors

This documentation is rather sparse, so I recorded an off-the-cuff demo that should give you a fair idea about the way this capability works. (Sorry about the croaky throat, it’s winter season here Down Under in Melbourne.)

In the Eclipse Workbench there’s the ability to have “detached views” (which would be the exact equivalent of opening a Notes data view in a new window), however this doesn’t seem to have been implemented in IBM Domino Designer.

Nevertheless what’s there is pretty good, so go try it out and maybe improve your developer productivity.

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