Monday, March 04, 2013

Telework, or Telewonk?

To be honest I misspelled "’Telewonk’ deliberately, in order to go easy on some peoples’ sensibilities. Replace the letter “o” in this with the first letter in the alphabet to get my true intent!

This question was raised in my noggin upon reading the Network World article: Is Yahoo's telework ban shortsighted or savvy? Data says both (there's plenty of research to support telecommuting advocates and naysayers alike).

I found it a very interesting article indeed, as I’m confident you will. There are thought-provoking arguments put forward on both sides.

These days my home and my office are the same, so you could say that I;m in a constant state of teleworking, It’s a lifestyle choice, and a stage of life choice. I’m my own employer, and even for me there are pros and cons.

The IBM that I worked for, over decades starting 1970, I’m sure uses a large degree of teleworking. I wonder what current IBM employees (and IBM management, right to the top) think of their current work patterns.

What do all of you out there think of the way you work, is it effective or just a “wonk”?

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