Sunday, December 02, 2012

Recommended personal copyright statement for all Facebook users

I just came across the following recommendation for ALL users of Facebook:

For the reasoning behind it, see Facebook debunks viral hoax that it owns users' content

I wonder how many Facebook users have even considered this aspect. Would they have the same concerns. Do you (and why)?


  1. It's a hoax, plain and simple. The person who composed it is laughing at all the gullible people who are re-posting without understanding the basic facts of intellectual property, contracts, and how Facebook actually works. Facebook is designed for sharing, and it gives you a certain amount of control over who you share it with, but you have to grant Facebook itself the rights to your content, otherwise they can't help you share it. If you don't trust Facebook to honor the privacy settings you put on your posts, then don't use Facebook. There's really nothing further to think about than that.

  2. Facebook has nearly "everyone" in it, and, as a result, it is useless. There are numerous niche substitutes that do not hunger to play some omnipotent figure like the Hooded One does, and, on top, it is not difficult or expensive to build your own social network around any affiliation, with all FB features, and then some. Buy Guaranteed Facebook Fans