Saturday, April 07, 2012

How to allow LibreOffice 3.5 upgrade and avoid being prevented by IBM Lotus Symphony quickstarter

I just tried to upgrade LibreOffice 3.5.0 to 3.5.2 and kept getting blocked by the error message: “Please exit LibreOffice 3.5 and the LibreOffice 3.5 Quickstarter before you continue. …”

As usual, I’ve decided to document my findings, to help others in the same situation.


To make a long story short, this was not caused by a concurrent installation of OpenOffice (which for the moment I have uninstalled in favor of LibreOffice), but by an installation of IBM Lotus Symphony. That’s fair enough, since it seems that all three variations of OpenOffice share the same installer checking code.

After a little tinkering, I found that to allow the LibreOffice installer to proceed in this case it was necessary to cancel the IBM Lotus Symphony quickstarter task called soffice.bin (thanks for the correction, Lars).

That’s all, folks.


  1. that quickstarter task is listed as soffice.bin

    1. Thanks, Lars, I have removed the incorrect "soffice.exe" reference from the post.