Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Will code XPages for food?

There’s a LinkedIn discussion group named Gurus of Lotus – Worldwide with one discussion thread that I’ve been following from a distance: What can we do to promote the technology that we all love?

This is, in turn, an extension of an older thread What do you think? Is Notes fading away? – a more recent variation of the “Is Lotus Notes dead?” theme.

It makes me wonder if we need a version of the following image for Lotus Notes:
[tongue in cheek]


Will code HTML for food


  1. Honestly do we need to start this discussion again? All the possible answers have been given very recently.


  2. Not at all, Jason. I myself certainly don't want to start this tired conversation again, just wanted to make an offhand wry observation -- with tongue in cheek, as I mentioned. Sorry if it irks you.

    Despite that, obviously there are SOME people still pondering the matter.

    Having stumbled upon that HTML-related image earlier today, I couldn't resist contemplating what other than "HTML" might be put on the sign, anything at all. The that LinkedIn group's latest post happened to come into my In-box and "Will code XPages for food" made its diabolical way into my mind.

    Enough said.

  3. Several things to say about it:

    First: "a more recent variation of the “Is Lotus Notes dead?” theme." may be seen in that thread, but the intention was different: To make people sensible about the fact, that they are shooting themselfs in the foot - (well yes, foot, not food).

    Then, the second thread too, was intended to make people sensible, that they themselves need to do something positive. It is pretty obvious from both threads, that it is easier to bash IBM instead of doing yourself something. But - as IBM is very big and hence slow moving, it is a lot easier to convince their marketing, that something has to be done, if we customers and partners are ready to help.