Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Koala Flags Down Cyclists to Quench Thirst in Australian Heat Wave

I don’t know whom to credit for these images, sent to me by a friend in South Australia. I will gladly attribute them properly, it the photographer contacts me.

It has been extremely hot in south-eastern Australia during the past few weeks, especially in Victoria (where the tragic, deadly bushfires raged last Saturday, 7th February) and in South Australia.

Below are some photos showing what koalas are having to do to get a drink. The photos with cyclists were taken on Tuesday night, 3rd February 2009, on the old “Eagle on the Hill" Highway (near Adelaide, South Australia).

Here’s another koala, a female called Sam, rescued by a fireman the following weekend in Victoria. Sam was so thirsty that she drank three bottles of water:

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