Monday, August 11, 2008

TechWords Interactive Wikipedia Word Search Puzzle (and Crossword)

iTWire Puzzler number 004 was just released over the weekend, and the technology theme this time is Wikipedia, in the sense that without using Wikipedia you probably won't have much hope in solving the puzzle!

You have a double challenge with this one: firstly, using the clue you have to find the correct answer via Wikipedia research. And then you have to locate where the answer word(s) are located in the puzzle, which is complicated by the fact that some of them are diagonally positioned and this makes it a lot harder to do.

As you'll see from the above image it's in the form of a word search rather than a crossword (although a day or so after releasing this puzzle I relented and also made available a crossword version in case the word search format is a bit too hard).

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