Friday, May 04, 2007

Ecosystems -- for this and that

I just came across Eclipse Ecosystem (a blog by Donald Smith, Director of Ecosystem Development for the Eclipse Foundation).

This is a blog with a difference, as exemplified by the post: Measuring the Health of Ecosystems

It made me wonder what some other communities of interest would look like when put under a similar magnifying glass -- if you could do it.
  • Lotus Notes/Domino Ecosystem?
  • Linux Ecosystem?
  • Microsoft .NET Ecosystem?
  • IBM Mainframe Ecosystem?
  • IBM System i Ecosystem?
  • NetBeans Ecosystem?
  • Firefox Ecosystem?
  • Blogging Ecosystem?
  • Skype Ecosystem?
  • (and so on)
I wonder what they would look like. ... Is anyone out there in the blogosphere able and willing, or daring enough, to set up any other ecosystem blogs?

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