Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Recommending ... Paint.NET

Just in case you haven't come across it before, and are in need of a very competent graphics package for the Windows environment, I thought that I'd mention Paint.NET which is a free download (a donation of US 5.00 or more is welcomed). Considering the wide range of features, Paint.NET is a bargain to say the least!

Click to view an enlarged image, in a new window.

You could easily use Paint.NET instead of the likes of Corel Paint Shop Pro (which I have purchased) and Adobe Paintshop (which I haven't).

All the same, basic as it is I still find myself regularly using Windows Paint for those "quick and dirty" little jobs, and hope that there's an equivalent lightweight graphics program in Windows Vista -- can anybody tell me about this?


  1. I use a free graphics program called GIMP. There is a version for Windows, Linux and Mac.

  2. Paint.Net Mac : Paint.Net for Mac like MyBrushes, Pinta, and GIMP are some equivalents digital artists can choose to use Paint.Net Mac.

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