Monday, September 04, 2006

Sorting out the "quick from the dead"

Well, maybe not so much "dead" as "dawdling" (the fast versus the slow) ...

Dr. Dave Marshall (Senior Lecturer in the Cardiff School of Computer Science and Deputy Director Communication Research Centre) has some excellent programming resources online here including C, Perl and Java programming to mention a few.

I was tickled by his quite nice demo of several basic sorting algorithms: generic bubble sort, bi-directional bubble sort, and quick sort. They're very nicely demonstrated via a Java applet inside your browser.

Click the image to see an enlargment.
You'll' find his sorting demos at so go there and take a gander!

TIP: for best effect, click on the three charts in rapid succession, going from left to right.

UPDATE - 14 September 2006:
Here's another site showing the above trio of sorting algorithms (and this article points out that the three Java applets were written by the famous James Gosling.) ...

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