Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Simple Signer" - Freeware tool to easily sign Lotus Notes databases

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This is a deliberately simple tool enabling you to select any Lotus Notes database -- local, or on a Lotus Domino server -- and then to sign all of that database's design elements (forms, views, agents, etc).

It has a single purpose: to make the database signing process as easy and straightforward as possible, even for Lotus Notes users with little or no technical background.

Following the KISS principle it's "a simple tool for a single task."

And it's free for you to use wherever and however you like... ENJOY!

You can download the the "Simple Signer" tool from either (Australian server) or (USA server).

The User Guide can be downloaded from or

Note: The design of the Simple Signer application is not hidden. There's a tip (in the Help Using This Database document) for modifying its design so that you can select for signing only specific type(s) of design elements, such as forms or views. As provided, the Simple Signer will sign all design elements in the target database, which is the commonest requirement.

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