Thursday, March 02, 2006

Perchance to happen upon Serendipity

I just happened upon Scot Berinato's nice little piece In Praise of Serendipity and couldn't agree more:

"Turn off the BlackBerry for a while. Wander—literally or in our minds—with no particular destination. Embrace a little inefficiency and the possibility of greatness that comes with it. Let apples fall on our heads."
For example, five or six years ago, I had a chance meeting with an acquaintance which led to a long and fruitful consulting assignement. In contrast, several months of marketing had not come up with any significant assignments or sales. And like Kekulé I have sometimes woken from a dream with a great idea, have had an inspiration while taking a shower, and have come across key information while casually browsing a book or magazine or while surfing the Web.

How about you? How much has happenstance and serendipity benefited you in your life and work?

It's the old story of "perspiration versus inspiration" ... You must be ready to recognize the occasional serendipitous event when it occurs and welcome it with open arms!

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